Priority areas for the development of science and innovation

The priority areas in the National Strategy are developed taking into account based on:

  • priorities of the Governmental program for European Development of Bulgaria;
  • thematic priorities of European research programs and initiatives in which Bulgaria has effective participation and cooperation (Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes, COST program for cooperation in science and technology, European Roadmap for Research Infrastructure, Joint Research Centres and Joint Technology Initiatives)
  • Existing analyzes and assessments of the scientific system and research institutions.

National research priorities cannot exist in isolation from global trends.This requires more and more effective investments in research areas relating to: energy sources and energy-saving technologies;coping and control of harmful and hazardous household and industrial waste;new raw materials;information and communication technologies, biotechnology, food and health, and other.

National research priorities reflect the political will and intentions for the strategic development of the country in the next decades.Targeting investments in selected priority areas will help to meet the "big challenges" and to better integrate research results with innovation needs.