Engineering, optics and electronics

Engineering sciences focuses on research important for the development of the technique.This is achieved by learning in the field of physics, mathematics and by practical experiments aimed at the improvement of instruments and appliances or the discovery of new inventions for the needs of humanity.

Technical sciences evolved from crafts.Huge contributions to the development of technical sciences have made great engineers of Antiquity: Archimedes, Heron, Papp, Vitruvius, Leonardo da Vinci.One of the first technical sciences is mechanics which long remained in the shadow of physics and architecture.With the coming of the industrial revolution, arises the need for academic study of techniques and technology.One of the first educational institutions in the field of technical sciences becomes the Polytechnic School of Gaspard Monge, founded in 1794. In the 19th century appears the electrical engineering, and in the 20th century - radio equipment, aerospace, robotics, etc.