Food, agriculture and biotechnology

Food, agriculture and biotechnology are topics that require the utmost attention from policy makers at national, European and global levels.The importance of the sector is defined by its strong links with some major challenges at the global level as feeding the growing population and climate change.These challenges call for the creation of policies that encourage the development of new technologies, new working methods and overall modernization of the sector to achieve greater efficiency in the use of available resources.European countries and other developed countries together with developing economies aspire to progress in this area of investment in research and innovation.

Bulgaria faces serious challenges as well.They are caused mainly by the overall state of science and research in the country.In addition, there are systemic and structural problems associated with the presence of mainly micro and small farmers and small and medium enterprises in the food industry.This prevents private R&D investments in the sector, as SMEs do not have sufficient financial expertise and resources.This is one reason why the interaction between business and academia is not sufficiently developed.Other obstacles are outdated educational and research infrastructure in universities and often lack of practical training of students.In the field of biotechnology there is existing research base for the development of research, but underinvestment and poor coordination between the different units is counterproductive.