Scientific organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria

Platform "Science Business" offers a unique opportunity for public and private research organizations and universities, generating new knowledge, products and services.

The platform provides following information and services:

  • introduce new products, services, methodologies, etc.of your research organization as well as their potential for creating other products or services by consumers of scientific information;
  • present your plans for research and partnership interests;establish new contacts for cooperation at national, regional and international level;
  • create variable partnerships;
  • access all applications and issued patents for inventions and utility models which are accessible via the databases of Bulgarian Patent Office;
  • searching the official Bulgarian databases for research results, publications, patents and utility models and receive aggregated results from your requests;
  • looking at international bases for patent information through links provided to international patent library (European Patent Office,the World Intellectual Property Organization);
  • build a new research networks or platforms and participate in European programs and initiatives.

Data for the scientific organizations are collected via the National Registry on the research activity in Bulgaria, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, in accordance with art.7b ofthe Research Promotion Act.